cannot relax tummy muscles


hello all, I have asked about this before but still I hold my stomach in. I get up in the night and in the morning and my stomach is held in. I cannot remember when this didnt happen. I often wonder about my last pregnancy , I had terrible hyperemesis and for a while was putting a hottie on my tummy for relief. as a consequence, baby carried extremely low, thru to term. tia


Hi sewhappy - I don't want to leave this post unanswered, but not sure how to help. Yes, you have asked about this before:

Relaxing the belly was the hardest habit for me to get into at the beginning, but for me it was just a matter of being mindful. I would stop myself a million times all day long. Perhaps you need to work more on deep breathing, into the belly and not up into the chest. Lie down in a comfortable place and just watch your belly rise and fall. And when you are upright, just relax the belly. I can't tell you how, I can only say, do it. You may be carrying more than average tension there.....but you can let it out if you want to. - Surviving