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I stumbled upon the Ww after diagnosis of pop in uterine, anterior and posterior. Suddenly I could not walk or sit without feeling as though my uterus was coming down and very heavy uncomfortable feel. The only comfortable position is lying down flat and swim/floating.

I'm currently a student (with 4 kids) and want to avoid surgery and also help myself. Please can anybody advise what resources are free and also essential to get started? I've found the new kegels which was interesting. I would Like to learn more about the posture and breathing as I'm missing my mobility and walking so much, is there any free resource on this topic!?

Thanks for reading

Hi and welcome to Whole Woman! Everything on this website, blog, and forum, is free to use and search, and contains a wealth of information and support. But the resources that we refer to throughout, are only available in the WW Store. WW is a small family-owned organization, and they both need and deserve the financial support of everyone who is benefiting from their 20 years of research and output. You will not find this information anywhere else.

This video gives a good overview of the concepts and will get you started:

The new kegels video has already given you a good window into the breathing concepts:

Go to the resources tab and it will point you to other sources of reading.

The postural concepts are the basis for this work, and there are no quick fixes. It is a lifestyle change involving the formation of lots of new habits to replace the old bad ones. All of this enables you to manage your symptoms and get on with life, without fear. Surgerical "repairs" destroy the natural dynamics of pelvic organ support and will only make things worse in the long run.

WW offers sales and promotions throughout the year (you just missed a good one) so make sure you are on the email list. Contact Lanny in customer service to make sure you're getting emails, as that is the way most promotions are announced.

Keep reading and we hope you will join will be one of the best decisions you ever made. - Surviving