Not sure what to do next


Hi ladies, I've posted before about a developing hip pain and I'm really at a point now where I dont know where to turn next. I have been doing the posture for nearly three years and over the last year have been noticing a pain in my left hip. Not a pain that stops me doing things but an ache that has certainly become more frequent. It is a pain that moves. I believe it began in my low back but that has all but gone but I just cannot shift it from my hip. I finally gave in and saw a GP recently. He suggested it was bursitis and recommended ibuprofen gel and if that didn't work said that we could try steroid injections (which I am not keen on). I have been using the gel but all that happens is the pain stops temporarily then reappears in a different area. In the last few weeks I have noticed occasional pain in the groin area and this has really started to frighten me.

I am unsure what to do. Many things seem to aggravate the pain including sitting with my knees above my hips and opening my hips. I tried doing the first yoga dvd as I know that focuses on hips but it made it worse. I feel like I am heading down an unintended path. Yes, my prolapse is now manageable but I just dont understand how my hip is worsening when the posture should be helping.

What do I do? I feel like my only option is to stop the posture and try something else but I just dont know where to turn. I contemplated the hips dvd but if the exercises are similar to the first wheel I imagine it will aggravate. Please help!!!

I am only 39 so am worried about where this might be leading at this point in my life :(

Hi Variable,
Sounds like your sacroiliac joint. More common than we think. I had problems with that for years, and at times, it put me right down. I went to the chiropractor for it, and he fixed me right up.
I loved going to the chiro, because it really helped relieve that pain, but it always came back. I actually found the whole woman exercises very strengthening for that hip over time.
You can also do the hips exercises on the Hips dvd; if you read Aussie Soul sister's account on that dvd, you will see how much it helped her. I didn't need to use that one, but I have viewed it and see how much it would help.
Strengthening and stretching the muscles around that hip really help for long term relief. I also include plenty of walking and bike riding for more strengthening.
I still get a little nagging in that hip, but not like before.
Best wishes.

Here is a link to one of your posts from last year on the topic of your SI pain:

In my response you will find another link which takes you to a post by Christine. In it, she advises (among other things) to go easy on chair exercises. And I don't think you should be sitting with your knees higher than your hips in any event. Someone can correct me here if necessary, but, I think that way of sitting is bad for WW posture, even if you don't already have pain.

If you've been doing WW posture for 3 years, it should be a habit by now. Are you suggesting that you should start pulling in your stomach and tucking your butt now, "unlearning" the posture as your only option at this point? I am wondering if you should have a Skype consult/posture evaluation with Christine or another practitioner. In your case the first question will be "have you been working on the Hips program?" and since you haven't done that, our suggestions for you are somewhat limited. - Surviving

Thank you ageing. I think a chiropractor or osteopath would be a sensible next step.

Ageing - I haven't done the hips programme. I would be happy to do it if I thought it would help but as I said, the first yoga wheel (which partly focuses on hips) aggravates my existing pain so i wasnt sure if the hips programme would also aggravate it if it's based on similar exercises. I guess that it one of the things I am wondering. I have also seen a practitioner here in the uk and she did not highlight any particular posture issues.

Hi Variable,
The hips program is different, a lot different than the other videos, as it really concentrates on specific strengthening exercises. From what I remember, Christine is working with a woman and explains each thing as she goes. As I have said before, Aussie Soul Sister has the best account with her experiences with it.
A chiro should get you back to a good place for starters, but I would seriously look into getting that hip strengthened as well.
That is always what I appreciated about Christine's programs. Posture can be learned without the exercises, but for me, the exercises strengthened muscles that helped me hold the posture better, and helped my hip along the way.