32 weeks pregnant with urethrocele...scared about worsening prolapse after delivery!


Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new here. I posted the earlier topic "vaginal varicose veins or urethrocle". Well, it's been confirmed, I have a urethrocele, and it's been present from about 17 weeks into this pregnancy. Prior to this, I had no symptoms of POP. Two doctors misdiagnosed me with a vaginal varicose vein, so I assumed that was the cause of my discomfort. Looking back, a urethrocele makes the most sense with respect to my symptoms. Currently I"m doing everything I can to keep symptoms from getting worse: I wear a prenatal cradle, v2 supporter, I use a sanitary pad for additional compression, and also to protect against leaks. I just bought Christine's book and am looking forward to trying some of the exercises. I had an appointment with my OB yesterday, and she told me there was no reason not to have a regular vaginal birth. She said if it were my first pregnancy (which it isn't), they might try to save the pelvic floor with a c-section. Anyway, I thought I would ask for advice regarding the following, as many of you have had successful deliveries with prolapse.

1) Do symptoms improve or worsen after pregnancy, ie. when the internal weight and pressure of having the baby is off?

2) Any advice on best birthing positions for urethrocele/cystocele?

3) What can I do about this constant feeling of dryness. It almost feels like I have a yeast infection, but not quite. I'm sure it is related to the sanitary pad that I'm using and the rubbing it causes. Is there a barrier cream or lubricant that is safe? Is it normal to feel dry?

4) Any other advice or ancedotal stories would be helpful. It's always nice to hear from people who have been there.

Thank you. I"ll keep you posted on my progress.

will try to answer some, but ds is bf while I type so we'll see how this goes

re: dryness, try the wholewoman balms! also maybe cloth pads would be less irritating

thank goodness your dr isn't thinking about 'saving' your pelvic 'floor' by c/section. its not really proven to work that way, especially since they cut the fascia from above so you lose pelvic organ support anyway. drs dont' seem to get that this isn't about the pelvic floor. its about the orthopedic support system, along with all the muscles, fascia, ligaments, etc. isolating the 'pelvic floor' isn't helpful in terms of preventing or fixing a pelvic organ prolapse.

some of the exercises should not be done during pg, ie firebreathing and probably nauli. some are just tough when pg. but do not lose hope. my prolapse is no worse now than it was before I got pg with my last baby. in fact, its actually smaller and higher.

I spent alot of time thinking about birthing positions, since I knew all about my prolapse for over a year before I even got pg again. I wound up birhing on hands and knees, and without pushing. it was beautiful, even if it was on the bathroom floor (the only part I wish was different!). I felt that in that position, my cystocele was out of the way and somewhat protected. allowing my uterus and the baby to do the work meant no added pushing on my part, which I hoped would also protect my pelvic organs to some degree.

baby wants the keyboard. maybe search for my posts in the pg forum from a year and a half ago. I remember posting some pp updates.

Thanks granolamom!

I'm hoping this won't get too much worse after birth. I'm really not enjoying this pregnancy. My urethrocele is at my vaginal opening and I'm experiencing lots of urge incontinence now that baby is getting heavier. I'm really hoping when the baby is out it will take the weight off the area....Does it?....Any tips for surviving the last few weeks of pregnancy with a 3 year old....I'm using the T.V. way too much! I miss being my old active self.

I found myself relying on the tv way too much while pg. I did set some limits, like my (in)famous 'noggin only' rule. my almost 10 yo doesn't watch tv anymore because she's bored by preschool programming, and that's just fine by me. I missed my active self too, but I knew I had only so much energy and I had to use it wisely.
my third child was three when the fourth was born, he spent alot of time 'washing dishes' or flooding the kitchen, depending on your perspective.
I did alot of catnapping on the floor while he watched tv or played.
we did not eat well and the house was not presentable most of the time. but no one died : )
you'll get back to your old active self (slowly!!) after the baby is born.

my 'celes were at their worst at around three months pp. and then things began to improve.

don't know about the urge incontinence though. usually stress incontinence that we hear about here.