Has anyone traveled to a third world country with stage 3 prolapse? It is a horsebacking riding trip. If I keep doing Christine's exercises should I be okay? It is a little scary.

Travel always poses big challenges for prolapse management, never moreso than in the early days when you are still learning. It takes time to commit this posture to your memory, but the body eventually gets trained. Meanwhile, just do your best. While traveling by plane, train, car or whatever, keep something behind the lower back for support. Maintain posture as much as possible. I'm not a rider so I don't know how to advise you there. The good thing about WW is that you are doing the work every waking minute.....even when you can't do an exercise dvd. Relax and have fun. - Surviving

You say you have a stage three prolapse, but it's a bit hard to answer in specifics as you don't say which organ is involved. However, stage three usually implies the organ is outside the body. If you sit on a horse, is the organ tucked safely inside? That is my first concern. If it is not, I would be wondering what I was doing on a horse in the first place. WW posture should be possible on the back of a horse. So with the prolapsed organ tucked safely inside and the hard saddle and the swaying of the mount is not interfering with you, you are then perhaps talking about food and toilet facilities. This again needs to be specific for anyone to comment upon as this too will vary from one country to another. But question is really, are you expecting too much of your body, or are you in danger of letting go a wonderful adventure out of fearful anticipation. If you are in the safe spot somewhere between those two extremes then get the pencil and paper out and plan your trip. Have fun, let us know how you went when you get back. In the interim any further questions, fire away.