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I started taking Femmenessence 1.5 weeks ago and noticed a significant decrease in hot flashes, night sweats and sleepless nights after only 2 days. Several days later, my hot flashes are almost non-existent! This product contains Maca, which is a natural supplement and considered an alternative to HRT. I'm SO pleased with the results, I thought I'd share so others can check it out and hopefully get the wonderful relief I'm getting.

cannot relax tummy muscles


hello all, I have asked about this before but still I hold my stomach in. I get up in the night and in the morning and my stomach is held in. I cannot remember when this didnt happen. I often wonder about my last pregnancy , I had terrible hyperemesis and for a while was putting a hottie on my tummy for relief. as a consequence, baby carried extremely low, thru to term. tia

2019 Whole Woman Conference

Hi Everyone,

What do femoracetabular impingement, hip dysplasia, and hip osteoarthritis have in common? They are all diagnosed by imaging studies that are highly fallacious, and treated by surgeries that are ultimately destructive.

What do pelvic organ prolapse and diastasis recti have in common? They both describe widening of the long muscles of the body walls (the pelvic “floor” is really a wall), which resolves as natural flow of intra-abdominal pressure is restored.

Lower back pain is worse after practicing the whole woman posture, what am I doing wrong?


Hi, I’m very new to the WW but have been practicing the posture as much as I can. I’ve always suffered from lower back pain and have worried that the sway back posture would acerbate it, which it seems to be doing. How do I practice the posture without creating lower back pain? I’ve always tucked the tail bone under to avoid lower back pain. Thank you.


Trying to avoid surgery, but is it inevitable one day?

I am 73 and have the most severe bladder prolapse. Also, now the vagina is going the same way. I have had shelf pessaries inserted for the past 18 months, the rigid plastic ones, as the si!icone Popy isn't big enough. I have a wide pelvis. The pessary interferes with my bowel vacating ability. Also, I need to urinate every 3 hours, including during the night. I am increasingly housebound as I need to be near a toilet just in case. I was offered a vaginal repair operation using my own tissue but I declined as my vaginal tissue can't be that great now!



Hi all,

My 86 year old Mum has to get up about 4 times every night to pee. She was put onto amitriptyline hydrochloride 10 mg. Before this she was getting up 6 -8 times nightly.

Has anyone any suggestions to help with this please?


With Christine's helpful information videos, books etc I have been successfully managing an uterine prolapse for 10 years. Last year I had a colonoscopy and shortly after my Dr. told me I had a small rectocele that was causing pressure on my rectum. I was not conscious of this before my colonoscopy,but felt rectal pain right after. I wanted to find more information on this subject and when I found it in the forum I could not access the comments.

Lichen Schlerosus

Hi in 2005 I had a hysterectomy and I also had my ovaries removed. I've been on Elest solo HRT since. In 2013 I have began getting vulval sores and was diagnosed Lichen Schlerosus. I used Clobetasol cream which improved things a lot but never completely cleared it. The LS caused vulval adhesions which were operated on in Oct 18. The adhesions are now back only 6 months later. I've been given Nerisone and Estrogen cream and the NHS can't see me for 3 months.

4 years

Hello, I'm new to this forum, but I've been using WW posture for about 4 years now to manage prolapse that occurred shortly after my fourth birth. A friend pointed me to First Aid for Prolapse, and that's helped me so much.

Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi and Thank you for all the education and work, Christine! I'm going through the Joy of Menopause class now and just learning so much!

Lovely to be here

Huff Post article on "pelvic floor"

Hi WW!

Check out this just-published article on France's response to female prolapse, and my response in the comments section:



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