Tired nana

I have been on this forum for just over 4 years and have kept my prolapse under control.... till now. I have been babysitting my 1 1/2 year old granddaughter and picking her out of the cot and putting her in six times a day has put a big strain on me. I have constant heaviness and bulging daily. I try and get down on all fours, do the legs shaking while bending etc, having trouble with posture, so tired all the time. I am 60 next month and this babysitting is exhausting. Any suggestions please?

PelGrip Exerciser?

Hello everyone. Been awhile since I've been on here.....just trying to stay healthy and exercise. I was on Facebook this morning and saw this exerciser and wanted to see if anyone has used it. It's called PelGrip Exerciser. It's a round circle (sort of like a pilates circle) that you squeeze between your legs. It's supposed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. I'm kind of scared to try new things unless someone else has used it and got good results. Thanks.

Exercises and Popping and Pregnancy

Hello lovely Whole Woman Friends!

Just diving into this practice after ordering the videos for Urinary Incontinence and Yoga and Dancing. I've been practicing for about a month now and have seen slight improvements which is more than I have seen with any other program since having my daughter 3 years ago, so yay! I'm highly optomistic! I feel so empowered just taking the stance that this alone is worth it. I feel like a super woman!

Childbirth and Severe Genital Tract Trauma

I would like Christine to post a correction to the main page of this website that childbirth is not a cause of prolapse.


If a woman has a physiological childbirth it is almost impossible to get injured and get prolapse. This is because in a physiological childbirth the body births automatically and it knows how to do it without injury.

successful use of sea sponge for rectocele

I found the wholewoman site several years ago when looking for alternatives to pelvic surgery and am extremely grateful for all I learned from the site and from this forum. Thank you all for your helpful advice!! And here is my success story using a sea sponge for a rectocele:


A number of exercises are demonstrated/mentioned in Christine's book and videos. Some work better for me than others. Would forum users please share which ones are most effective for them on a daily basis in keeping the bladder in place?

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Success story from Everhopeful

One of our members, Everhopeful, has posted her wonderful success story at the end of another discussion thread on this Forum. I wanted to post a link to it here, so that anyone looking for success stories (and aren't we all?) won't miss it! Thanks and much love to you, Everhopeful!! - Surviving

[link and original post removed; Everhopeful has reposted below]

Chronic liver/gallbladder discomfort

Sorry if I put this under the wrong category... This is my first post.

rectocele ruining my life



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