Bladder prolapse worsening?

Hi, I am pre-menopausal and had a bladder prolapse diagnosed a year ago. My doctor referred me to a physiotherapist but of course this was simply to train me to do Kegels which did not help. I have been doing the WW First Aid for Prolapse exercises on and off last year and then every day for the last 2 months, as well as consciously working on my posture all the time. I had a bad cough for several weeks in December and this worsened the prolapse and it hasn't really gone back to where it was.

Recent prolapse

The prolapse seemed to happen all at once about two weeks ago.

I’ve watched the very helpful video course “First Aid for Prolapse” and will now watch it again. I’ve sent for the 2008 book.

I don’t know if the slick “ball” that protrudes from time to time is bladder or uterus. I’m not sure it makes a difference to know. Some days are worse than others it seems.

I have changed my posture, do lots of pelvic tilts and some yoga, push everything back”up” and back from time to time, and got small pillows for the now beloved curve in my back for the car.

honey and pregnancy

Hi ladies, I own the video "The Child Bearing Years" - and really wish it will be available in the store again soon for my few students :-)

Just want to make sure that I got it right... should women continue applying honey vaginally till 14 weeks digestion?

Should they start keeping the posture as soon as possible in pregnancy (if low risk)?

More bugs!


I think I have injured a tendon in my hip. I was struggling with low back pain but that is much better but now my left hip hurts after sitting down unless my knees are lower than my hip or I am lying down. So it's difficult to rest it as I can't completely avoid sitting or being on all fours. Sitting cross legged also aggravates it. I have been trying to avoid doing all these things for a few months now but it is not working and I want to do ww yoga again but I don't want to aggravate it.

prolapse and lyme

Has anyone experienced prolapse as a complication to Lyme? I think this is going on with me and in addition I have cellulite all over my thighs.
Seems to be in overall weakness in connective tissue.

Anxiety attacks/ IBD

I've been searching "anxiety attacks" on the Forum this morning. I am specifically wondering if having an IBD condition can make one more predisposed to anxiety attacks.

Correct Anatomical Position of the pelvis

Hi everyone, I have been managing prolapse for a few years now and Christine's book. dvd etc. has helped me and I have posted here before and had some fantastic feedback and help. So wondered if I could ask for help again with the following please? I am still trying to fully understand Christine's claim that when standing up the pelvis is oriented like a 'ring on its edge with the opening at the back'. Also that it is rare for an x ray to be taken in a standing position and that this has given rise to 'the myth of the pelvic floor'.

Urethal caruncle

New to forum. Need suggestion for Treatment of urethal caruncle. Discovered about 9 months ago, went to doctor, sent to PT, still have it. I refused Premarin treatment. Notice you mentioned using raw honey but not sure how this could help and could it cause UTI or yeast infection. Can you elaborate?

Yeast Infection

I haven't been on here for several years, but I'm experiencing a yeast infection that won't go away. It started about 4 months ago. It may also be what's causing very painful intercourse. (I'm 57 years old).

I was taking antibiotics for a bladder infection at the same time as I was using the Monistat7 -- which could have worked against the Monistat7. I also started taking something to increase estrogen (until I realized that the pill I was taking was 'Hormone Replacement Therapy', and could cause other problems)

advice please re postural egonomic chair and also retroverted uterus

I'm a a worried and panicky state....
I have a rectocele first diagnosed 12 years ago. I am 62yrs old. I know that kegels are not recommended by Christine and the whole woman approach but I did them for a few years after the first diagnosis religiously (!!) and had nearly 12 years with no symptoms at all. I stopped doing them after a while just because I was lazy I suppose and had no problems. Just a few weeks ago I had a recurrence of the rectocele - seems worse.


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