Hi, I found out after having a colonic irrigation I have virtually no peristalsis. Have been hooked on magnesium citrate for years which has obviously made it worse. Any suggestions please?

I Think My Prolapse Has Worsened-Would Greatly Appreciate Your Thoughts


I've just returned home from a trip to Australia. It was a long flight.... 26 hours.

I don't like sitting on toilet seats on planes, so when I had to use the toilet, I stood with my upper body bent forward and my butt sticking out over the seat behind me.

Retroverted uterus, retocele, and hemorrhoids

Hi everyone,

Rectocele Traps Mensus

My question is one I haven't found in searching. So I hope I am in the right forum section.

Quickly my question: Is it normal with pelvic prolapses to have mensus flow stopped and pooled causing clots when a rectocele is present? Or do I have other things that I don't know about probably going on too?

Now for my background:

I am 42 with a long history of pelvic organ problems and am overweight and trying to lose weight.

Menopause Maybe

I wanted to share a recent experience that I had last year, and especially the end of the year, my peri-menopausal symptoms seemed to be getting out of control again. I admit that part of it was a little backsliding with my diet and a return to some pretty serious constipation. My breasts hurt all the time, I bled heavily and spotted for several days afterwards, had serious side pain from ovulating, high anxiety, and constant hemorrhoids.

Incontinence & Prolapse

Hello WW friends,
I'm having incontinence and I'm doing Christine's program. Recently I read that it's helpful to urinate "teaspoonful by teaspoonful" to gain awareness of the muscle that needs to be trained.
I'd love to hear your opinion on that.
Thank you for your support,

Correct Breathing

Hi, wonderful ladies,
I'me doing the WW Exercise Bundle and I'm a bit confused about 2 different breathing instructions. In the Fire Breathing we're breathing in moving the belly out and we're breathing out pulling the belly up.
In the first wheel exercise program the instruction for the pelvis circle exercise (knees and arms on the floor) I understood to breath out when we move the pelvic down (which would be also out) and breath in when we move up.
So my question is what the correct breathing is.
Thank you for helping me out here.

What may the future hold

Hello, I’m fairly new to this whole scenario, I’m 38 and was diagnosed with a ‘moderately large’ cystocele in September 2018. Since then I have found myself a WW practitioner and purchased some of the learning material, exercises and 101 first aid. I’ve applied many WW protocols to my daily life and am slowly reaping the benefits of these. In fact this past month was my most comfortable since diagnosis. Some days, I feel 99% symptom free which is very encouraging.


Hello I have been diagnosed with atrophy . I can’t and don’t wish to use prescribed remedies that contain hormones etc and find that whatever I use in the way of moisturisation irritates . The only thing that seems to give me any relief and comfort is the honey and acv. The only trouble is that it frequently gives me a fungal infection . Something like jock itch . The acv helps but doesn’t seem to do much until I cease using the honey which I have to do until the infection clears up but not long after I go back on the honey it seems to start all over again .

Hi! Can POP mimic UTI symptoms? -(Newbie) :)

Thankful to have found this site yesterday; I truly appreciate this kind of approach, and have been reading around on the posts and am looking forward to the videos.


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