Still having burn and pressure to pee after uti antibiotics

I found this site some time ago and have found a lot of great advice. I had a UTI and was given two rounds of Cipro and It still didnt go away and then they gave me one more round of Keflex. I still have the urge and a burning below my belly button. However there is no bacteria in the culture or the dip test. I read about honey can help with uti. I have been using the raw local honey for about two weeks now. Since there is no UTI could it be the Cipro and Keflex totally irritated me. I have changed my diet to an alkalizing diet and am taking kefir and probiotics.

Uterine Prolapse and IC

Hello – I have been lurking and reading here for about 5 weeks now and this is my first post. I had a uterine prolapse about 6 weeks ago. It is about a stage 2. I immediately found the Whole Woman site, ordered the first aid program and yoga bundle and have been diligently working the program. In addition I have had 3 PFPT sessions (I am not doing kegels – only the new kegels) and am doing a low dose of estrogen cream as vagina was severely atrophied ( I know this is not recommended by WW but I decided to do a short course then switch to a non-hormonal based approach).

Only 2 Days in & I have a Novice Posture Question

Recoverable set back?


Standing firebreathing


I try to perform firebreathing standing without bending forward. Can you get the same benefits by doing the exercise standing without bending forward? I play a wind instrument and to avoid pressure on my abdomen when playing - (I have rectocele and cystocele) I try to perform firebreathing standing. It could be a win win situation, because it is pretty much the same breathing technique you use when playing a wind instrument or singing. A better tone on my instrument and an improvement of my prolapse.

Can't stand on tiptoe due to nerve damage ...


I have the First Aid video which I bought back in 2017, but only watched it once because so much of the exercises are on tiptoes. I have come back to WW and using the posture and tips and I really want to engage in the exercises, but due to nerve damage on my right foot, I can't go on tiptoes on my right foot... any suggestions on either how to overcome this using the video, or if any of Christine's other videos is less tiptoe heavy (although I do understand that this is a big part of the philosophy). Feel like I'm really missing out by not being able to do that :(

I sit and sit and sit - please help me get it right !


I'm a holistic psychotherapist and can easily spend 7 hours a day sitting on a tub chair to see my clients... I can't get a new chair, so I'm thinking about cushions to support the chair - any ideas? I saw in another post that someone mentioned wedged cushions... could this work? Or can you recommend another type of cushion? or other ideas?

I then transition to my desk and sit in an office chair for another 2 hours or so... so you can see ... this is ia LOT of sitting each day!

Newbie questions

I have a grade 2 rectocele and cystocele - 33 years old, two kids - 3 yo and 10 month old.

Frequent Suppository Use

Hi everyone,

Is there any problem with frequently using a suppository to help with bowel movements? (I use at least one every time I try to go).

I have pelvic floor dysfunction and a small rectocele and get severe anxiety when I'm on the toilet that I'll fail to manage a bowel movement and will have to leave the toilet with a full bowel. Using a suppository gives me confidence that it will come out and helps me to relax.

Recently Broken Back, Looking For Support

Dear Whole Woman friends,


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