If i don't notice my moms prolapse while toiletting her, does this indicate an improvement


This is a technical question.
I don't feel my moms prolapsed bladder at the moment while i am toiletting her. If the dropped bladder is not exposed, does this mean the muscles are getting stronger and the body is doing better to pulling the pevlic organs back to where they need to be? At least a little? Or does it mean that her bowels or her intestines aren't filled up yet and pushing everything downward yet.

MeganP27 - immediate results with prolapse!

I have only been doing Christine's exercises consistently for about a week so far. And you know what? It has made the difference between me wearing a pessary and not!!! You see, I recently went to the OB/gyn because my prolapse had gotten bad enough to where I felt I now needed a pessary. : ( Years ago my (very prominent and well respected) OB/gyn told me there was nothing I could do to stop my prolapse from progressing. I believed her. Years and years go by and yes, my prolapse does indeed worsen.

Pee On/Pee Off Exercise

Could someone explain to me what the Pee On/Pee Off exercise supposed to do for you? I don't see what it has to do with peeing and just don't get it. What is it supposed to be changing? Has anyone had success in doing this exercise?



currently going through a natural miscarriage (4th pregnancy in 5 years, 2nd miscarriage). I also have a rectocele grade 2 and was wondering how much time is recommended to let the body heal from a first trimester miscarriage before trying to conceive again?

Second Pregnancy & Prolapse

Good Morning All,

Umbilical Hernia & Diastasis recti

Hello everyone,

I have just been diagnosed with a umbilical hernia after experinecing sudden pain & a lump while carrying something heavy.
I'm also currently receiving treatment from a physiotherapist for my diastasis recti. I have a stage 2 uterine prolapse.
I have had 8 children. (I need to update my username!)
I'm wondering what the current belief is surrounding umbilcal hernia repair & also the use of mesh to complete the repair. Is it as dangererous as the mesh used in prolapse surgery? Are there dangers that the medical team may not tell me about?

Advil subsitute


Not sure if this is the Forum Topic that this should be in but I figured it was a good guess as I'm looking for a natural food/tea to use instead of Advil.

Halloween Sale


Scary Savings!

Holidays like Halloween come around every year and companies everywhere, in the US anyway, see a great excuse to hold a sale.

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First Aid for Knees

In case you aren't on the Whole Woman email list, we've just announced a new video course in development, First Aid for Knees.

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Hello Ladies.

I'm back with an update.About 8months ago I posted in the forum that I have a rectocele, I'm pregnant and scared if the prolapse won't get after birth.I was eleven weeks pregnant then.I had a very smooth pregnancy,the rectocele did not give me any problems.Sometimes I'd even forget that I have a prolapse and I was very active.


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