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I'm not sure what I hope to achieve from this post. It's so difficult when no one can see me day to day but I feel like I must be doing something wrong as I am still struggling with back pain. It has improved some since I stopped over stretching but then complicated recently by what I think is an injury to a tendon near the base of my back which is painful particularly after sitting with crossed legs or sitting for long periods like at work.


Sorry, this might be a bit lengthy.
I am working hard to accept my cystocele and rectocele and to follow all of Christine's bodywork, yoga, and posture recommendations. I actually have about a 45 minute routine that I practice every morning.

Young and desperate

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Help w/ Positive Self-Talk for Prolapse

Hello Wonderful Community!!!

I would love to know what others do for positive self-talk during symptomatic times or just plain ol' sad moments while continuing to work on posture and all the things taught here.

--For example, maybe your cystocele is extra prolapse-y feeling, so much so that it keeps pulling your attention from other things and it's hard to feel positive.

--Or maybe your rectocele is so symptomatic that you are having to "digitally disimpact" yourself over and over rather than being able to spend time doing other things (say, with family or friends).

Is it yeast or just the bladder prolapse rubbing the vaginal opening causing itching


Hi there,
My mom needs alot of coaxing nowadays to stand up so activities have come to a halt while putting other supports and strategies into place to keep her dry and having a nice day. While learning what works and how to get her to the toilet or to keep her dry, 3 little pimples became a bit more along the diaper leg. THey are cleared up now . I dont want them to come back.
Is some zinc barrier a daily necessity from now on and never again can she sit for over two hours.

Bathing with prolapse


I enjoy a nice warm bath with a few capfuls of foaming bath. However when I am sitting or lying down in the bath, my uterus seems to bulge out more than usual. I find it difficult to push it back in so I can clean thoroughly in that area. Even when I am in the shower, I feel my uterus bulge out. I have been doing the whole woman exercises and working on the posture for the last four months and usually don't notice it, except in the bath or after a difficult bowel movement. I find this takes away some of the pleasure of soaking in the tub. Is this normal or will it get better?

Progress report - over two years after joining WW Forum

On this day after Thanksgiving, I want to thank Christine for this website for us to share our problems and experiences and knowledge, I want to thank all ladies out there for sharing their issues. I have learned so much from here even though I don't get on or post very often as we all know how time can fly pass us by!


This question is embarrassing and rather gross. Nevertheless I'm asking it and would appreciate any input from other ladies facing something similar. Due to my rather profound prolapse, I find it difficult to wipe properly after a bowel movement, as the prolapse seems to get in the way. Any suggested remedies? I also have to wear panty liners due to discharge (mucus) from the prolapse, with occasional spotting, probably from the prolapse tissue chaffing against my underwear. I have not had surgery, nor do I wish to have any.

hip turnout - bending

I'm going to put this in the hip forum since I have a specific question about hip turnout....
I got the Hips program recently (yay!!) and I admit I've only watched the first few modules so far but I have a question and don't want to wait until I have time to finish the videos.
I'm just starting to learn about the hip joint - it's been enlightening. I don't have hip pain (yet) but I do have a left hip that clicks so I thought I might as well benefit from Christine's knowledge to keep any future problems at bay.


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