I haven't posted in forever as have gotten sidetracked dealing with cdiff for nearly 2 years now...
I have both a cystocele and rectocyle and since cdiff the hemorrhoids are prolapsed...
I have A constant feeling of fullness in my rectum..relieved only by bearing down and passing gas or any stool that might be left in there..I cant function as it is so debilitating. anyone else experience this or have any advice? thank you. susan

hard surface chairs


I recently discovered that sitting on hard surface chairs which I do because of the whole woman posture but, if I am sitting on them for long periods of time it will irritate my urethra, don't know if anyone else has experienced this but just putting it out there. I know this to be true cause I had keeping a log of what I was doing and when the irritation was coming on.

magnesium glycinate

what magnesium glycinate would you recommend for facilitating BM? (suffering from constipation since I'm pregnant again with rectocele grade 2).

What a journey...

Hello all - I am new to the forum and to the whole prolapse reality.
It has been a very painful, shocking, emotional, distressing and, at the same time, empowering and healing journey for me!

Stress is distracting

i have noticed that stress can definitely distract me from being mindful about my breath, and my posture.

supplement - placebo?

Around the same time that I made enough progress to actually feel better, I had begun taking a supplement. There were a 100 tablets, which I'm out of now. (Just realized that I wasn't even taking the recommended dose, 3/day - now that I have my reading glasses on). I bought it at a local health food store, because it said that it's a "unique support formula for healthy ligaments and tendons".
Some of it's standard Vitamins - Vit C, Vit B6, VitB12, Calcium, Zinc, and Manganese.
The other items are L-Proline, Shark Cartilage, Bromelain, Glycine, and Papain.

On the horizon.......

I am assuming that sometime soon Menopause will strike me.... She looms just on the horizon - Getting ever closer, lol

I have a Cystocele and likely other POPs that I do not really know about as the main problem noticed way back then was always the Cystocele... Which in the beginning was totally peeking out, and after the Posture work etc was back inside and only having a peek every now and then.....

Maybe my life isn't over?


This week I self-diagnosed in terror, realizing I have bulges coming from every direction.

Fears were confirmed when my GYN told me I have cystocele and rectocele. I am a 38-year-old mother of two.

This week I felt like my life is over... my vagina is destroyed... and it's doomed to get worse. I feel like I have a dislodged tampon sitting in my vagina and fear it will get worse with time.

Straddling a stool while sitting at desk


Hello -

I need to find different ways of sitting at my desk in an office. I've read many posts about straddling a stool while sitting at a desk. I can see how it would keep the upper part of the body in posture, however I thought the feet had to be flat on the floor and the legs at right angles. Can someone explain how this works?

Heavy bleeding & clots after sex

I'm new here, and have an urgent concern. I've had what I believe is a cystocele and rectocele to varying degrees for almost 8 years {diagnosed about 6 years ago but lots has changed since then}.

After multiple doctors telling me my only option was surgery I stopped seeing medical doctors and learned to manage things on my own {sort of}.

My prolapses have gotten significantly worse this summer, as I have become increasingly active. Tonight I played competitive sports for 2 hours. I felt great at the gym...


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