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Are Straws Ok?


Under the heading of "no question is crazy" it ok to drink through a straw? I was reading some of the older posts on the forum and someone mentioned that when you drink through a straw, you do an "involuntary kegel". I'm not sure if that is true, but I drink through a straw every day. If it's something that could be making me worse, I'd like to know.

New to Group

Hi. So, I am in the throes of menopause and was diagnosed with Stage 2 POP. Started with a PT and have been soooo good with kegels when all of a sudden, something has bulged out of my vagina. So, now I am going to make an appointment with the doctor to discuss a pessary. I am sooooo confused. I thought kegels were supposed to help and there are so many people out there that say it has stopped the progression. Then, I read here not to do them. It is so confusing. I am in my late 4os and trying to live a normal life. I really just want to be normal again. Thanks for this forum!

Distressed Over Prolapse

Hi, I’m 20 years old and since 2014 I’ve had some sort of prolapse. It wasn’t til recently with a visit to a doctor that I was told my cervix dropped. It’s a stage 2 and I feel a lot of pain when I try and insert anything there. I’m very afraid at the thought of sex with this causing me such pain and I’m hoping by going through the first aid modules I could improve to a stage 1 or less prominent stage. Any advice on how to go about this would be very welcomed. Thank you.

Pregnancy and rectocele

I'm a new member and am so thankful I found this group! Thank you for what you Do! Here's my story.
1st pregnancy ended in emergency c-section
2nd pregnancy successful and quick V-bac
Tried to go running a couple weeks after delivery. Terrible idea I know but at the time I had no clue. Gyno said rectocele. I think I may have also developed a slight cystocele but haven't been checked recently to know for sure.

Fundamentals Series


I already have the First Aid series streaming videos but I am wondering if the Fundamentals series goes more into detail with the posture and the toileting? It all gets very expensive and I don't want to spend money if it will be of no benefit to what I already have access to. I'm working on the posture daily but the toileting is so hard. I think mainly because my legs are not strong enough. I have a cystocele which is keeping me from emptying my bladder - or I'm assuming it is because the bulge is still quite large after I pee.


Hello, I would like to ask you to confirm me that if I stand up from a chair ( from toilet, etc.) I have to lean forward and after that stand up? Same when I sit down? I overlooked somewhere the information. I still try to avoid obtuse and acute angles.
Thank you very much for help.

new to healing hip pain

Hi All,
I see many amazing posts from several years ago when Saving Our Hips first came out.
I am new to the site and looking for women who are currently beginning the hip healing process as well as those of you who have been successful over the years.

Orthotics and Whole Woman Walking


I'm getting ready to schedule a consult with Christine because I am struggling to master the posture and breathing. But as I was watching the video on whole woman walking I see that my orthotic may be an issue in mastering the walking. I have capsulitis in my second toes and wear an orthotic in my shoes that off loads my forefoot and puts more weight on my heels. Does anyone else have to deal with such an issue? My prolapse has gotten worse since I have dealt with this foot issue. But I wrote that off to sitting slouched on the sofa as I kept it elevated.

Looking for Help

From everything I read on the site and in the forum, I am in that initial distressed and distraught time period of prolapse. I'm 49 (50 in October) and prolapse is at the opening of the vagina and causes constant pain and pressure and makes me feel like I constantly have to pee. I also have interstitial cystitis which complicates things a bit. I saw a nurse practitioner yesterday ay the gyn office who said it feels like the prolapse is my bladder and urethra. Of course, they like to talk surgery.


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