Colposcopy and biopsy

Hello All,

I did a detailed and diligent search of the forum categories but could not find one that pertains specifically to cervical issues. I apologize if I’m in the wrong forum.

Hello Typicalme

Hello Typicalme,
May I ask you to explain me please how you feel when you do firebreathing and nauli? I still do not provide them correctly, because I have haviness in my vagina after that and more symptoms...When I contract the abdominal muscles in and up on the exhalation to have have a hollow, narrow and pulled up abdominal wall and than stand up I have feeling that everything falls down (does not matter if I do it on knees and hands as recommended in the forum).

Rectal prolapse

I have rectal prolapse as diagnosed by my gp. She insists I have to see surgeon although there is min 20 week wait. My blood tests are fine. And previous colonoscopy notes show slight prolapse. My sister died young from cancer, hence my stupid desire to check I was aok a few years ago. After a little anal bleeding. Hence 2 colonoscopies.
I now think they damage the ‘down below workings.’ Am I right?

Anyway what can I do now?

A few questions after looking for any relevant info online. I’d be grateful for any advice. Please.

Estrogen cream usage?

Has anyone been advised to use estrogen cream on their prolapse? I have been in the hospital 7 times since the first of the year and it has done a real number on my stage 4 prolapse. The doctor has suggested that I rub the prolapse with estogen cream to get the inflamation down and to thicken the skin. I am just curious as to whether this advice has been given to anyone else. I am also considering the surgery where they sew you completely closed, thus trapping the prolapse inside. The only drawback to this surgery is supposed to be no sex. Thanks for any info. you might have.

Flat/thin stools - does this sound like internal intussusception? Advice

Hello all,

So I know that this website and forum are dedicated to women with prolapse issues, but in researching my symptoms I came across this thread started by a male (, and I saw how women on this site were able to advise him. So I thought that maybe you could advise me as well...I am a 23 year old male and I believe that I may have an internal intussusception.

Possible prolapse?

Hi, I'm new to the site and was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what my symptoms could possibly be.

I'm a 33 year old mother of two, last birth being in 2015. I had a very long labour with my first (2012) that was about to result in a forceps delivery, only to be pushed back for an episiotomy.

Not long after, I noticed that when walking I would feel as though my bottom was about to fall out, and and still get the same sensation that comes along with needing a bowel movement.

Stretching Hamstrings and Calves


I have been working on the posture daily for a couple weeks, had a Skype consult with Christine because I have other medical issues to consider, and have slowly started incorporating the exercises (slowly because of other medical conditions), and am slowly trying to get strong enough to not put full weight on the toilet. It's all a process and I'm trying to be patient. I have a question about 2 stretches that I am doing in conjunction with slowly adding some of the WW workout from First Aid, can someone tell me if these are ok to do??

New to Whole Woman


Good Afternoon,

I just finished the incontinence videos and have a couple of questions, please. Am I supposed to do the whole 22 minute routine daily (from module 5), or just the pee on/pee off movements?? Also, I saw someone mentioning whole woman walking posture, and I couldn't find the demonstration for this. Do any of you have a link to this posture??

I am trying to be positive and hopeful, but I simply am not convinced that these simplistic movements are going to reverse my condition. I appreciate any feedback.

Thank you!

the bleeding edge

Just saw a great documentary last night - if anyone has Netflix, it's available on there.
It's basically about how corrupt the medical device industry is - the majority of the documentary is about Essure, pelvic mesh and hip replacements (although they focus only on how bad the metal on metal artificial hip is vs how bad any artificial hip can be).


Was curious how others sit in a car while driving, as I'm in the car several hours each day. Also, what do you do on a plane? And, how about in the restaurant or around the dinner table at home? I can't cross my legs or straddle. Lastly, I've only been doing this for a little over a day but my back is not super strong. I've had back issues in the past. While in our cross legged position, is it possible to put pillows behind us as well?

Thank you.


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